Negotiating in a Global Word

We provide tools and strategies to successfully negotiate
and influence across cultures.

Negotiating across cultures

Managers regularly negotiate with domestic and international customers, suppliers, agents, and distributors. Organizations are repeatedly involved in international negotiations concerning joint ventures, strategic alliances, partnerships, licenses, franchising, and mergers and acquisitions.

Influencing Across Cultures

Modern leaders and managers increasingly recognize the importance of being able to influence people over whom they don't have formal authority. Because authority is becoming an ambiguous concept, contemporary leaders can no longer simply tell others what to do, particularly when working across boundaries.

About Us

I’m Professor of Cultural Management at the Catholic University in Milan, Italy, lecturer on Intercultural negotiation and influence in International MBA programs, and founder of Neglob, a management consultancy firm that assists companies in international negotiations and global teams performance improvement.

The book

The rationale behind the book is my dissatisfaction with the current literature on international negotiation and influence. Reading most of the present research in cross-cultural management, communication, negotiation, leadership, and influence, I often ask myself: How do these models and theories apply to the real world?


Rana centers his text on the issue of cross-cultural negotiation. He argues that unless managers (his main audience) take into consideration the impact that their negotiating technique has on the culture with which they are doing business, they are doomed to failure" The 4Ps Framework is well worth the read, bringing to the table a long overdue multicultural approach to negotiation. It deserves a wide readership and possible course adoption in social science and international studies programs.

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